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Published in CEMASTEA News Written by May 11 2022

Written by Beatrice Macharia & Winfred Magu, CEMASTEA

Mathematics tutors from 33 (Thirty-three) Diploma Teacher Training Colleges successfully participated in the second phase of training held at CEMASTEA from 28th - to 29th January 2022. The course theme was "Enhancing Tutors' Competencies for Effective Delivery of Competency-Based Teacher Education (CBTE) Training in Mathematics at the Diploma Level. The two-day training attracted tutors from seven regions: Coast, Eastern, Central, Rift Valley, Western, North Eastern and Nyanza. The sessions were facilitated by trainers from CEMASTEA, The Kenya Institute of Capacity Development (KICD), and the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC).

Dr. Sara Ruto, Chief Administrative Secretary, State Department of Early Learning and Basic Education,

Ministry of Education (MoE) addressing participants during the opening ceremony

The training was opened by Dr Sarah Ruto, Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS), Ministry of Education (MoE). In her remarks, Dr Sarah highlighted that the Global Vision for education is found in the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) No. 4, target 4.1, which states; "By 2030, all girls and boys complete free, equitable and quality primary and secondary education leading to relevant and effective learning outcomes." In this spirit, she urged the participants to offer guidance to teacher trainees and change their attitudes towards mathematics by unlearning negative perceptions and appreciating mathematics’ significant role in everyday life. The CAS urged the participants to embrace ICT integration and especially the smartphone as a teaching and learning resource. While applauding CEMASTEA for effectively implementing activities by the Ministry, the CAS noted that it promised to continue to support the Centre to continue carrying out its mandate.   

The training was closed by the Chief Executive Officer, TSC represented by the late Mr Ezekiel Tumbo, who was until his demise, the Assistant Director, Quality Assurance and Standards. In his remarks, he noted the importance of CBTE globally and the need for participants to align to this new paradigm shift. He informed participants that the impact of the training would be felt once they cascade lessons learnt in their respective colleges. Under CBTE, the TSC encourages teacher trainees to aspire and raise the bar of excellence as educators as they upgrade professionally.

In her remarks, Mrs Jacinta Akatsa, Director, CEMASTEA, thanked the Teachers' Service Commission (TSC) for allowing participants to attend the training and the Ministry of Education for entrusting CEMASTEA to carry out the training. While applauding participants for their consistency, commitment and diligence shown throughout the training, she reminded them that skills gained should be employed in the delivery of mathematics to teacher trainees. She urged participants to keep in mind that ultimately, "The target person is the Kenyan child in the classroom."

Published in CEMASTEA News Written by May 11 2022

Written by Agnes Mwangi and Dan Orero, CEMASTEA

Science and mathematics teachers from selected primary schools and CEMASTEA trainers in 2019 participated in a workshop in which a JICA expert in lesson study, Dr Akihiko Takahashi made an exposition on Collaborative Lesson Research (CLR) conducted using the ‘kyozai kenkyu’ approach. ‘Kyozai kenkyu’ refers to a teaching approach where a team of teachers collaboratively study and analyse curriculum materials such as curriculum designs, syllabus and text books and identify possible gaps. From this analysis, teachers design tasks suitable for Teaching through Problem Solving (TTPS). This teaching strategy allows for the development of new knowledge as the learners seek to understand each other’s thinking to their individual solutions for designed tasks.

The training marked the start of the Collaborative Lesson Research (CLR) Project between JICA, CEMASTEA and five primary schools, Oloolua, Karen C, Visa Oshwal, Buru Buru and Kyamulendo. JICA dispatched a long term expert, Professor Tetsuya Takahashi, to CEMASTEA to work closely with CEMASTEA CLR team and the schools from January 2021 up to the end of the project, March 2022.  In planning a collaborative research lesson, the CLR team comes up with all the anticipated learners’ responses in the order in which the concept in question is to be developed during a class discussion.