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September 06 2022 0
Gender-Responsive STEM Education: Heads of Departments Training Course 
By: Mr. John Makanda, Ben Mwangi and Winfred Magu In April, CEMASTEA, in partnership with…
September 06 2022 0
UALIMU BORA: Introducing CEMASTEA's Practitioner Journal of Mathematics and Science Teachers
By: Mungai Njoroge, PhD. The Centre for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education in Africa (CEMASTEA)…
September 06 2022 0
Disability Mainstreaming:  Biology Lessons for the Visually Impaired
By: Odhiambo John & Thuo Karanja Research has shown that learners who are blind or…
September 06 2022 0
Leadership Training on Alcohol and Substance Abuse
By: Philip Maate Mainstreaming programmes to prevent alcohol and drug abuse (ADA) and support those…
September 06 2022 0
Model Schools Principals’ Workshop: Quality CBC STEM Education
By: Dan Orero CEMASTEA organised a two-day STEM Model School Principals workshop in Nakuru from…

Quality Policy Statement

CEMASTEA is committed to providing continuous professional development of teachers in STEM education, and related services to its customers and stakeholders, in a timely efficient and effective manner

CEMASTEA is committed to satisfying customer, organizational, legal and ISO 9001:2015 requirements and to the continual improvement of its quality management system.



CEMASTEA Newsletter

We are pleased to present to our esteemed clients, stakeholders and staff the Issue 010 April- June 2022 of CEMASTEA INFO Newsletter. Click here to view


Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education (JOMSTE)! Are you looking for a journal to publish your work? Click here for more information and Guidelines for Authors.

Introducing CEMASTEA’s Practitioner Journal of Mathematics and Science Teachers

CEMASTEA has established a Practitioner Journal of Mathematics and Science Teachers (PJM&ST). The PJM&ST publishes peer reviewed articles sourced from reflections by practitioners in the Education and Training Sector. The articles published in Volume 1 Issue 1 of PJM&ST for the FY 2021/2022 address issues of practice that target to inform effective curriculum implementation. CEMASTEA invites practitioners in the Education and Training Sector to contribute articles in the upcoming Volumes and Issues of the PJM&ST. Click here to access the journal. The journal is also accessible on CEMASTEA Content Repository using the link: and on the Online Journal System using the link:



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