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Evolution: Changes of the Training Facilities

Evolution: Changes of the Training Facilities

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One of the notable transformations that have taken place simultaneously with the increasing number of programmes at CEMASTEA has been the training infrastructure. The Strengthening of Mathematics and Science in Secondary Education Project (SMASSE, 1998-2003) was initially housed in a residential building at the then Kenya Science Teachers College, House Number 47. During this period, the Project operated as the INSET Unit of Kenya Science Teachers College (KSTC), now a constituent College of the University of Nairobi. As a way of ensuring sustainability of the project, JICA supported the construction of the SMASE Complex at Kenya Science, that housed the Project until it became a regular Ministry of Education program implemented county-wide. With the growth of programmes, a bigger space was necessary, hence the shift to the current offices in Karen under the name CEMASTEA.

While the shift to Karen was exciting due to more space and the upmarket 'Karen address', the place needed improvement, because most of the structures were old while others run down. .Despite this, there was one remarkable and iconic building- the farmhouse, a complex residential building with many rooms and huge verandas.


The old office block housing Biology and Mathematics departments.     The new complex housing the famous Sugiyama Hall, offices

 It was famed to have belonged to the owner of the large coffee garden that   occupied much of the land then. The building became the home of the biology       and mathematics trainers for quite some while. Other buildings were renovated   and turned into training rooms through the assistance of JICA. Most of them are   still in use ten years down the line.

The next phase of infrastructural growth was the development of the ultra-modern training complex. The construction of the complex started in 2012 with a ground-breaking ceremony presided over by the late Hon. Mutula Kilonzo, then Minister for Education. The complex was a culmination of almost fifteen years of fruitful implementation of the SMASSE project and programme by the Kenyan and Japanese governments through JICA. This magnificent half a billion-shilling complex was a donation from the people of Japan through an Overseas Development Aid (ODA) Grant. Finally, the SMASE Programme had a home! The complex consists of relevant STEM training resources namely training rooms and laboratories, offices and conferencing facilities.

Classrooms and laboratories, Bottom; the floating dining hall annex and its ambience.


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